Application integration

Most businesses operate on numerous systems. But very often those systems don’t talk to one another. Our application integration services work to create a seamless experience for you and your customers, enabling independent applications to work together through one interface.

We create the central component to connect any combination of software together, from CRM platforms to ecommerce tools, email software to accounting, and more.

We can support any systems or platforms, but some common ones we work on include :                              

                              - Integration with custom legacy systems using microservices
                              - Microsoft Office Integrations
                              - Integration with SendGrid or any other email provider
                              - Integration with
                              - Hubspot, MailChimp etc
                              - Biztalk, Microsoft Dynamics and any other legacy systems
                              - Cloud-based systems e.g. Microsoft Azure , AWS, ScaleWay
                              - Custom API Development

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